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Art is everywhere and in everything. Sharing art and understanding its value is relevant and inspiring. And as an added bonus, “physically creating a work of art can mimic the experience of meditation” which is  powerful wellness tool.

PYE, its Supporters and Partners recognize the benefits of exposure to art education.

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Art is an essential part of personal development. Students who are privileged to be involved in the arts in any form experience an expansion of the brains potential to function. Art awakens all the senses allowing us to experience the world and people through vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. It is in this way that art connects us to ourselves, each other, and ultimately the world.

•Influences participation & teamwork

•Encourages new ideas & perspectives

•Fosters cultural awareness

•Is a form of expression & regulates emotions

•Relieves stress & anxiety

•Makes us feel alive & connected

•Develops resilience & grit

•Positively affects concentration

•Enhances critical thinking & cognition

•Improves verbal, reading & math skills

•Opens us up to new possibilities

•Leads to higher levels of tolerance & empathy

•Increases graduation rates 

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