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Developing Self-Esteem and Positive Attitude

This program is designed to instill values that lead to healthy living. 

Students who understand these concepts early develop life-long 

habits for total well-being and real-world readiness.

2019 Business News

Studies conducted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) show 45% of high school students feel ill prepared for adulthood.


This curriculum is the heart of the PYE mission and is intended to provide information and experiences that develop competencies, values, and connections leading to a well-rounded and successful adult life. Participants are exposed to real-life concepts ideal for preparing them for the real world. Exercises and discussions around Service to Your Community, Teaching Wealthy Habits, Entrepreneurship Skills, and Positive Lifestyle Choices make up this curriculum.

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Service to Your Communities


To develop a conscious awareness of ethics, and civic and social responsibility all while encouraging community envolvement through selfless giving.

Teaching Wealthy Habits


To introduce and illustrate the concept of financial literacy in a way that is relatable, applicable, and rewarding to establish strong financial decision-making skills right now, and for the future.



To expose learners to business ownership knowledge and skills and present them in a way that inspires business thinking on multiple scales making the possibility real and attainable.

Positive Lifestyle Choices


To discover self-worth by instilling the idea of personal care and maintainance through a healthy balance of physical, mental, and inner-personal wellness practices that lead to overall peace and happiness.

Prepare Our Kids for Life,

Not Standardized

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Michelle Obama’s Best Advice for

Students – How to Succeed in Life

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