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How do We Define Youth Investment?

Youth investment is the sacrificial act of dedicating time, support, and money; providing resources and sharing knowledge and wisdom with the goal of maximizing the potential development of our youth over a period of time.

Why is it important to invest in our youth?

Youth development is essential for individual and collective sustainability. Our capacity to maintain political, economic and social cohesion depends on the ability of those in place to make educated, reasonable, and logical decisions. Therefore, our future is always directly linked to the younger generations who will, in time, be in position to make decisions that impact us all. Youth investment is the only way to nurture people who have the skills and knowledge necessary for personally and collectively navigating our ever-changing world.

What is the hope behind the investment?

The desired outcome of youth investment is to set a foundation of values that develop well-rounded members of society. The goal is to equip the youth with life-skills that empower them to meet life’s challenges with confidence and positive intention. Our investment gives them (and us) the best chance at living happy healthy lives.

How can I Invest?

PYE offers supporters the opportunity to get involved through volunteerism, ambassadorship, corporate partnerships, sponsorship opportunities, in-kind-gift giving, monetary donations, and third-party donating. 


With Us By Investing In

"Enriching th Lives of Our Youth!"

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