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BRIDGE the G.A.P (Generational Academic Perspective)

Opportunity to Share & Be Heard for the Purpose of Resolution

Providing a safe space that encourages transparent dialog that will 

advance the way we approach learning and education for today and for the future.

2020 National Survey

The Yale Child Study Center in conjunction with Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence reported 75% of students have negative feelings about their educational experience. Students want education renewal and want to take part in the reform.

Bridge the G.A.P

(Generational Academic Perspective)

This project gives students, parents, and teachers the opportunity to share their experiences around education and the school system. The hope is to identify gaps that may be contributing to a disconnect that negatively impacts the learning experience for all stakeholders. Defining and understanding the root cause of the breakdown is how we take steps toward finding a solution.

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Impact of Ineffective Education System



Why Is Public Education Failing

Students and Teachers?

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