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Board of Directors

Stacey Parker,


Stone Mountain, GA

Stacey learned very early from her military father about the value in selflessness and voluntarism and remembers him saying, "it won't hurt you to help somebody". That impression and a vision to make a positive impact in the lives of youth lead her to establish Positive Youth Enrichment, Inc. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to PYE’s mission and her giving spirit is the heart beat of PYE.  Stacey's desire is that the younger generations maintain an understanding and appreciation for loving and respecting themselves and one another. Stacey also has 25 years of experience as a Data Analyst and contractor at the Centers for Disease Control Prevention with both Northrop Grumman and Peraton. This is where she honed her leadership and organizational skills. When she's not giving back, Stacey spends every other spare moment making sure to pass the legacy of giving and community service to her grandchildren and young nieces and nephews.

Toriahna S. Fabregas,


Lawrenceville, GA

Toriahna is a People Operations professional and Master of Social Work student at Capella University. She brings Business Management acumen (BSBA) including 12 years of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, HR and Project Management skills to the team. Her leadership qualities, love for education, and passion for motivating people have a major influence on her work in nonprofit development. Tori's intuitive nature and positive energy inspires change and she believes "change is the gift that brings new and exciting opportunities to life that gives us the chance to unlock our fullest potential." Tori loves to read, write and engage in stimulating conversations that challenge us to think more deeply about life. In addition to her role as Chairperson of the Board, she operates as Program Director and member of the Communications and Development committees.

Nyahna Fabregas,


Lawrenceville, GA

Nyahna is a recent Peachtree Ridge High School graduate who intends to study animal science and earn a degree in Zoology. She enjoys traveling to experience different cultures and eat new foods. Nyahna can identify with the challenges of becoming a young adult and wants teens to know that “self-acceptance and the confidence that comes with it is empowering.“ She hopes her volunteer work for PYE is an example to her peers of the importance and fun of getting involved with giving back to our communities. Nyahna also assists the Communications and Outreach committees.

Tiria LaBoo,


Anderson, SC

Tiria retired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs where she provided support as a Health Systems Specialist. Her work with veterans drives her desire to be of service to others and one of the ways she has done so is by volunteering for youth organizations. Tiria taught sewing and pottery, and volunteered as a manager of the Khummba Zulu Drummers Youth Club for several years. Her love for visual art inspired her to pick up painting leading her to become a self-taught artist who finds creating beautiful pieces for herself, friends, and family exhilarating. She wants young artists "to experience the feeling of excitement when creativity unfolds”, and she aims to encourage them to be comfortable with sharing their artistic visions with the world. Tiria also supports PYE by being a member of the Communications committee.

Kennedy Marshall Jr.,


Murfreesboro, TN

Kennedy earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University. He currently holds the position of Global Training and Enablement Director at Channel Advisor. Kenn believes he is called to be a teacher, helper, and coach especially to youth. He is passionate about taking the time to understand the youth experience so that he can be a resource for them as they learn to navigate through life in the most productive way. Kenn’s personable and genuine demeanor allows him to network and develop impactful relationships and when he’s not “helping people live their best life on purpose”, he’s living his best life skating and golfing.

Sheron Matthews,


Baltimore, MD

Sheron attended Morgan State University where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. When Sheron isn’t fulfilling her role as Social Insurance Specialist for the Social Security Administration, she is volunteering to support youth programing in Baltimore City. Her intention is to help shape the youth’s perspective of the world to position them to become change agents for their families and communities. Sheron is all about positive, impactful experiences and enjoys all things art. She says, “art is a language that speaks to the heart of people.” Her bubbly personality and caring nature draws people to her, and she uses those connections to inspire personal growth for herself and everyone she engages with.

Khainan Murdock,


Lilburn, GA

Khainan is an innovative and strategic brand builder with over 20 years of sales experience. He is an avid learner and is adamant and intentional about applying what he learns in his everyday life. His life philosophy is "there is no time or space more gratifying than the present." He wants our youth to know that to seize an open window of opportunity is a gift, that's why it's called the present. KT's “get it done” attitude and this perpsective are what leads him to “The Close”. He specializes in Project Management and financial literacy and wellness, and has an aptitude for networking and partnership development which are major assets to the team and the organization. When he's not focused on seizing the moment, he's traveling, keeping up with the real estate market, and feeding his enthusiasm about cars.

Board of Advisors

April Stewart

Auburn, Georgia

April holds certifications in English Language Arts and English as a Second Language and was an educator for 26 years for grades k-12 before she retired. After retirement, she became a certified Youth Life Coach and dedicates her time teaching basic essential life concepts she feels are missing from the classroom and curriculum. Her focus is on helping young people understand “you are who and what you believe yourself to be”, and a huge part of identifying is about self-talk and esteem, self-respect and worth, and decision-making. April is a life-long learner who loves to read, shop and kickbox, and she is on a personal mission to guide our youth toward finding their inner greatness.

Cristina Cooper

Asheville, NC

Cristina’s work as a Mental Health Professional who supported youth ages 13-18 gives her an understanding of the difficulties they face. She recognizes how the teenage years can be tough and wants to encourage our youth. Her advice is to “prepare to reach your goals; and prepare to pivot along the way because making adjustments is a necessary part of the journey toward success." Cristina brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. She earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Agnes Scott College, and her MBA from Georgia State University. She adores horses and since retirement spends her time horseback riding and glass blowing.

Dr. Leta Parker, Ph.D., L.C.S.W

Aiea, HI

For 30 years, Dr. Parker has been living her passion to heal minds, bodies, and souls through Parker's Universoul Counseling & Psychotheraputic Services, Inc. She holds a Ph.D from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and is a MSW and BCJ graduate from Deleware State University. PYE's mission aligns with Leta's beliefs that investing in our youth fosters healing and change in our communities. She believes "those of us who have should strive to be the wind beneath the wings of those who have not", and she is intent on doing her part to assist people with acheiving self-mastery. 

In Memoriam

Charles D. Parker, Sr.

United States Air Force


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