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Toys for Tots

PYE is soooooooo excitied about this year's Toys for Tots event! This collaboration gives us the opportunity to expand our reach to double the number of children and familes we serve during the holiday season. It's also special because "the 2022 holiday season marks the 75th anniversary of the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program!" 

Brunch to

Bridge the G.A.P

Join PYE for brunch and a blast as we introduce the mission and invite guests to take part in the movement. Bridge the G.A.P is all about education renewal and reform that acknowledges the voices of members of the education community who are on the front lines; our parents, students, and teachers.


S.T.E.P aims to intergrate education with real-life experiences that make learning applicable in the real world. Our hope is that learners find a connection between knowledge and thriving leading to a life-long love and appreciation for education.

Global Youth Service

Earth Day

GYSD is about empowering youth to take civic action to supprot strengthening our communities. This year, PYE is combining GYSD & Earth Day to allow participants to engage in activities that enable them to fulfill their civic responsibilities while making contributions as environmental activists.

Backpack 2 School

School suppplies are essential to learning success and PYE has got students covered. Be ready to start the year off right with your new backpack full of everything you'll need to make the 2023-24 school year GREAT!

1st Day Fit

The first day of school is an exciting time for students and one of the best parts is getting dressed. Whether you're reconnecting with old friends or meeting new ones, you want to do it with style. 1st Day Fit will give you the fit you need to make sure you feel good & make a lasting first impression. 

PYE Artist Guild

 & Gallery

The creative mind is a powerful tool. It teaches acceptance, promotes open-mindedness, stimulates deeper thought, and inspires change. The PYE Artist Guild & Gallery is one of the ways PYE celebrates creativity and acknowledges the great minds that share their perspectives on all the wonders of the world.​

Harvesttime Swoosh

This season is all about giving, and PYE is all in! PYE joins forces with with Hosea Helps to spread joy and love, and give thanks beside members of selected communities. This engaging, fun filled 2-day event gives participants the opportunity experience the impact togehterness has on us all.  

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