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Positive Youth Enrichment ,Inc. is a nonprofit organization working to cultivate the minds of youth through the multidemensional wellness model.


Physical                    Spiritual

Financial                   Intellectual

Social                         Emotional

Environmental        Occupational


The foundation of Positive Youth Enrichment’s ideals was derived from the core values of military veteran Charles Dewitt Parker. At very young ages, the Parker children watched their father establish a Community Youth Center in their neighborhood and give selflessly to anyone in need. It was there that he started The Ebony Stars, a Drill Team that gave local children a safe space to learn, grow, and have fun while serving as volunteers for the senior citizens home and the community clean-up committee. As a child, Stacey Parker was not only raised in a culture of giving, her father’s example enabled her to recognize the needs of a community and nurtured an innate desire and willingness to meet them. This life-long passion led Stacey to start PYE in 2011 to fulfill her personal commitment to enrich the lives of youth with the memory of her father in mind.

Our Mission is to enrich the lives of youth through education, new experiences and healthy living, while instilling the importance of selfless giving and promoting a positive lifestyle.

The vision is to equip Gen Z with the knowledge and skills needed to inspire and emp​ower them to transform lives.

Community Centric 

Core focus on civic advocacy that stives for a greater society.

Personal Commitment 

My pledge to devote time and energy to contribute

 to the cause.

Collective Impact 

Coming together as 1 unit to overcome challenges to meet the mission.

Empower Others 

Willingness to share information

 that influences positive change.

Enrich Lives 

Actively making meaningful

impressions that reflect improvement

and increase value within ourselves 

and the people we serve. 

Taking a Community Centric approach through

Personal Commitment and Collective Impact to

Empower others and Enrich Lives.

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