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About Us


Our Mission is to enrich the lives of youth through education, new experiences and healthy living, while instilling the importance of selfless giving and promoting a positive lifestyle.


To equip Gen Z with the knowledge and skills needed to inspire and empower them to transform lives.

Board of Directors

Stacey Parker


Stacey learned very early from her military father about the importance of selflessness and voluntarism. With a vision to extend help to families with children she established Positive Youth Enrichment as a non profit organization.

Tiria LaBoo


Tiria is a retired Health Systems Specialist at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Throughout her life she confirms to be a volitional worker and encourages others to volunteer.

Toriahna Fabregas

Project Manager

Tori's love for education and passion for motivating people have a major influence on her work in event and program development. She is a key contributor who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team and the youth we serve.

KT Murdock

Program Director

KT is an entrepreneur, leader and Strategic Brand Builder with over 20 years of sales experience. He is highly proficient in problem solving and specializes in Project Management and Major Gifts. His repertoire includes a plethora of partnerships with profit and non profit companies alike.

Stephany DeJesus

Marketing Director

With creativity and innovation, Steph has completed hundreds of marketing projects for majors players in a variety of industries. With over 8 years of experience there is no branch of marketing that she is unfamiliar with. A Brand Ambassador specializing in Social Media and Target Marketing.

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