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S.T.E.P is all about contributing to the development of well-rounded individuals, and we are intentional and purposeful about proactive, real-life education. Students deserve the chance to develop a diverse range of knowledge and skills essential for moving into and managing adult life.

We at PYE, and our Supporters and Partners know that well-rounded individuals are more prepared to succeed.

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Exposure to real-world experiences is a sure way to get real-world ready. Academia is important, but it’s equally important for students to be introduced to opportunities that reflect the realities of the world we live in every day. Today, more than any other time, children are facing challenges that test their ability to problem-solve through reasonable and logical decision-making. And these decisions directly impact the way they live their adult lives. A holistic educational stucture will develop students who:

•Have a sense of interconnectedness & are 

  able to express empathy

•Are better prepared for college & careers

•Are creative and innovative thinkers

•Develop a positive outlook on learning

•Are persistent & determined to reach goals

• Are open-minded & conscientious

•Have enhanced abilities to communicate &          collaborate

•Develop a sense of responsibility,

  resourcefulness & resilience

•Develop a sense of self & awareness of

  strengths & weaknesses

•Understand how their decisions affect the          world & the people around them

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