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Serving others is personally gratifying and has the potential to change lives. There is satisfaction in knowing we’re all in this life together doing our part to make every community a better place to live.

PYE and its Supporters and Partners advocate for community service because volunteerism is food for the soul.

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Community service and engagement is an integral part of societal progression and is the glue that bonds us in togetherness and unity. Being an active member of the communities in which we live signifies our willingness to give selflessly to causes that directly and indirectly affect and impact us all. It also represents the care we have for the collective well-being of all people. Community service:

•Raises social & emotional awareness

•Promotes a sense of togetherness &


•Increases social networks & social support

•Fosters kindness & empathy

•Makes people feel valued and cared for

•Relieves stress & anxiety

•Develops rich perspectives of the world

•Encourages diversity & inclusion

•Is both physically & mentally rewarding

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