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School should be exciting, especially the first day! And one of the fundamental ways to ensure kids are happy and ready is by making sure they are properly prepared with all the essential supplies they’ll need to meet the challenges of each day.

PYE, along with our Supporters and Partners understands the importance of being prepared to learn.

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Preparedness is a major contributor to academic success. We all know that when we aren’t ready for something, our bodies have a response that doesn’t feel good. It effects our mood and our attitude about the day and even influences how we feel about engaging with the people around us. One way to relieve stressors that students associate with school is to make sure they're ready to learn. Being prepared for each day promotes:

•Maintainance of focus & interest

•Increased learning potential & engagement

•A sense of security, belonging & equality

•Desire to perform and do well

•Increased confidence & comfort

•Organization skills

•Positive classroom behavior

•Positive social, mental, & physical


•Improved grades & enhanced creativity

•A positive attitude about learning

•Positive peer relationships & self-image

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