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"​Enriching The Lives Of OurYouth"    


O​ur clothes tell a story about who we are, and every child wants their story to make a positive statement. We are doing our part to help kids make a powerful 1st impression on the 1st day of school because what we wear matters.

We at PYE, and our Supporters and Partners know that when students like the way they’re dressed, they are more poised for learning.

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The clothes we wear have a direct impact on our ability to perform at our best. Feeling great in your clothes makes you feel ready for the world and that's how students should feel as they get ready for school each day. Students who like the clothes they’re in want to show up and give it their all.​ Being comfortable in the clothes we're in:

•Increases productivity & motivation

•Boosts self-esteem & confidence

•Influences the development of positive self-        image

•Increases focus & enhance cognitive abilities

•Decreases stress & anxiety

•Fosters self-empowerment

•Leads to positive interactions with peers

•Enhances decision-making & negotiation skills

•Sparks new perspectives & fresh ideas

•Encourages creativity & individuality

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